Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Masters Recital Clips

For whatever reason it's taken me a long time to get around to listening to the recording of my Masters Recital. I think I was concerned that I would be overly critical with myself. Well, today I finally listened, and though we always hear things in ourselves we could fix, I am extremely pleased with the performance.

I really enjoyed singing the program, and those who performed with me (Eun Mi Lee on piano, and Sivan Adato on french horn) did incredibly well. It is a great pleasure creating art with such accomplished musicians. I am also deeply grateful for all of those who assisted me in my preparations, particularly my teacher Shirley Close and my coach Valerie Trujillo. I'll miss you all!!

I have posted a few examples from the recording on my website - CLICK HERE for the link.

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Qait said...

Ender listened very intently with me; we like it! Very beautiful work!!! I especially like Vieni, but maybe that's because I simply adore Italian. ;)