Tuesday, May 19, 2009

People Want to "Experience" Things (not own them)

I was reading in the LA Times this morning an interesting article about the panic in Hollywood over a plummet in DVD sales. Usually when a movie did particularly well in the Box office it would generate a very predictable large amount of DVD sales. It doesn't seem to work that way anymore.

Nowadays, according to the article, people are much more quality conscious. If a movie isn't good, no matter how well it did in initial sales people just aren't interested in owning it or viewing it multiple times.

What particularly struck my interest was the idea that people aren't interest in owning media, they're mostly interested in experiences:

"You could also argue that we now live in a cultural moment where people don't want to own things as much as they want to experience them. That would explain why event-oriented entertainment -- be it in the movie multiplexes and Imax theaters, the concert business or big arena sporting events -- is enjoying considerable success while stay-at-home entertainment (DVD and TV) has seen considerable drop-off."

I've often wondered if in our world now where everything recorded is essentially free or easily accessible if the allure of such media would diminish. A happy byproduct of the decline is a need to see things happen in front of you. This is wonderful news for live performances, particularly those who can really give the audience an experience. In the art music world of recital, operas, concerts, etc. we have an opportunity to shine if we take it upon ourselves to provide that experience.

Let's get to work!

(for the complete article, CLICK HERE).

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