Monday, February 18, 2008

Sabbath Songs Recording Project: Part II

Once again, it takes me more than a month to get back on here.

Here is an update on my new recording project: Sabbath Songs. The recording process is quite a harrowing one, perhaps especially for a classical singer. I came out wondering if all opera singers hide behind distance as much as I do. In other words, as long as I'm on stage about 15 feet or more from the first row my voice sounds fantastic all of the time. Once you put a microphone 2 feet or less from my voice, all of my faults are exposed to the world :).

I think most classical singers prefer to record in a large hall, even on more intimate recital-sized projects like the one I'm working on. Of course, I could not afford a large hall, and I also feel like I learned a lot more about my voice this way. I had to be so picky and exact with myself to get it to record correctly and in tune, but I learned a lot more about what that technical price is. And Clive Romney (my recording engineer) was great! He played that Pro Tools like it was a musical instrument!

Then, I went to a man named Cyrus to do the mastering, and the first thing he said to me when I walked into his studio was "well, you know this is the worst recording you'll ever make". I stopped and thought about that, and realized that it can only get better from here-that's what he means right...? He confirmed that a few moments later. The mastering process was vigorous, especially because you get used to hearing every tiny little mistake over and over again, and it is hard to hear the overall mix.

When I arrived home I gave my ears a little break from the whole thing and went at it again later with fresh ears. Suddenly everything sounded amazing! I had distanced myself from some of the picky things, and was able to hear it more for what it was. So, the mastering is not quite finished, and we're still tweaking the order, but we are very close!

I have to give credit to all of my co-performers. Larry did AMAZINGLY well! He played with great touch and sensitivity. Adding the fiddle with John on a couple of those tracks made all of the difference as he also played fantastic! And Deanna was a real treat to sing with--I think you'll find that our voices fit very nicely together.

So, stay tuned to release dates. I've got an incredible designer working on my cover - Tim Anderson. We should be ready soon!