Monday, November 3, 2008

My Clemenza di Tito Review

After the successful completion of another show, and due to the fact that the reviewer probably attended the performance of the other cast, I thought I would write my own review of the show. This is the true review:

Jessica Marie Dold's (Vitellia) bold sound and glorious high notes kept the audience riveted. She also showed her grasp of color and dynamic range, taking us all on a journey through each of her arias.

Ryan Speedo Green (Publio) looked and sounded about as tough as anyone can on stage, and yet sang with power and beauty. I'm not sure how anyone would dare to mess with Tito with a body guard like that.

Emily Vacek (Servilia) sang with finesse and beauty, and looked just like a Disney princess. Her moments on stage were true gems.

Christina Bakhoum (Annio) showed off the depth in her sound, and played her character in way that put the audience on her side.

Rebecca Grace Fadell (Sesto) charmed the audience with the richness of her voice, and played every side of Sesto. She showed a real ability to bring out the different colors in her voice, all within the context of Mozart style.

The chorus was amazing, blending their voices beautifully, and handling all of those confusing set changes masterfully.

Douglas Fisher showed a deep understanding of Mozart style, and stayed right with the singers at all time. He is trully a singer's conductor.

Matthew Lata's direction gave real theatrical and dramatic depth to a piece that is difficult to perform effectively. Each character had a specific journey, and the overall concept and design was superb.

Great job everyone! It was a real pleasure to work with you all.

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Qait said...

Hahhaha! Fun!
I have a question--how does it work to have ads on your site? Is it really worth it, monetarily? Is the set up a good one?