Thursday, April 17, 2008

Salzburg 2005 - La Traviata (Netrebko, Villazon) Review

I am usually not a big fan of minimalist works when it comes to opera. I think all too often the director is using the production as an opportunity to shine the spotlight on his/herself and not on the work. But I recently saw one of the most amazing modern productions of La Traviata ever!

Anna Netrebko sings the role of Violetta and Rolando Villazon sings Alfredo, with Thomas Hampson singing Germont. The cast is already great, and Willie Decker's staging puts the work into a light all its own. It may not be what you are used to, but it is certainly worth your time. The test for a modern production for me is if I leave thinking about the piece are just scratching my head because it went so far above it. In Decker's production, the message is made so much clearer with the staging.

The singing is fantastic with all three of the leads doing a phenomenal job. Netrebko may be my new favorite soprano! She does such an incredible job in this opera, and never misses a beat. Her "Sempre Libera" is unique in that she delivers it in death's face with such defiance. When she turns and shatter her champagne class against the wall right below the doctor (who represents death in this production) it paints a picture of Violetta that I had never seen before.

Here is the aria:

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Happy watching!


cmnacnud said...

Nice, German and Spanish subtitles and I still don't know what it's about. lol

cmnacnud said...

I should look up the story, but she sounds beautiful.

Eric Hanson said...

Sorry, I should have explained what it's about. I'll update the blog with a translation :)

Eric Hanson said...

Okay, for some reason it won't let me do this in my post, so here is a translation:

It's madness! It's empty delirium!
A poor, lonely woman
Abandoned in this teeming desert
They call Paris!
What can I hope? What should I do?
Enjoy myself! Plurge into the vortex
Of pleasure and drown there!
Enjoy myself!

Free and aimless I must flutter
From pleasure to pleasure,
Skimming the surface
Of life's primrose path.
As each day dawns,
As each day dies,
Gaily I turn to the new delights
That make my spirit soar.

Hibisco said...

i can´t find words to describe this representation, is amazing
rolando villazón, he is terrific

Hibisco said...

i can´t find words to describe this representation, is amazing
rolando villazón, he is terrific.