Saturday, November 10, 2007

AIMS Graz 2007, My Experience - PART I - LONDON

After my wonderful summer in Austria I finally wanted to get down on my blog a little synopsis of my trip. I met so many amazing singers, coaches, conductors, and teachers. I was also exposed to the Austria/Germany opera scene (and formed some opinions about it). I had a lot of opportunities to sing in some amazing venues, and much more. I also had the opportunity to do some site-seeing with some great friends, and really created an unforgettable experience.


The first stop of the trip took me to London where I spent a few days with my fellow BYU friends - Natalie Cope, Rachel Cox, and Deanna Lunt. I have always considered London my favorite city in Europe, and this only furthered my love for it. We only had a few days, but that was plenty of time to get a taste for the city. We saw some of the main sites like the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Piccadily Circus, The National Gallery, and more. We also saw "Wicked" which was a lot of fun. I led us all to the wrong theater, but Rachel Cox just rolled up her sleaves and started running, and we got there only a few minutes late (after switching three subway cars, travelling several above and under-ground levels, running over several Londoners, and almost getting hit by several cars).

Deanna, Natalie, & Rachel

A Hotel in London (too bad it wasn't ours)

Classic Phone Booth (though it didn't smell that great inside)

Natalie, Me, & Deanna outside of Royal Albert Hall
Royal Albert Hall (I hope to sing here someday)

Natalie & Rachel

The Tower Bridge

The Wall of the Tower of London
I think Natalie is the queen of self-photos

On the set of National Treasure 2, in front of St. Paul's Cathedral

Big Ben

The Eye of London

Winston Churchill
Westminster Abbey Window
St. James Park
a bench at St. James Park


Flowers at St. James Park
Buckingham Palace
After "Wicked"

Big Ben from the National Gallery

Leeds, Leeds, Leeds! at Piccadilly Square

Outside Piccadilly Square

Tired at the National History Museum (too much site-seeing)

Natalie Video-ing the others

So there it is, stay tuned for more on Graz...

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